Project: Defense
Use cases:
  • Immersive trainings
  • Tactical simulations
  • Stress, fear, concentration assessment
  • Virtual enemy – real skills

Client: NDA
  • Unreal Engine
  • Blueprint/C++
  • Motion Capture
  • Blender
Immersive Trainings
Our clients pursue full immersion into a designed training or combat situation including emotional and physical challenges. We designed immersive trainings to help experience, manage and assess stress.
Tactical simulations
Your cost-effective alternative to in-the-field exercises, especially accounting for expenses needed for high quality instructors, ammunition, equipment and constructing physical settings. Also, training in extreme, dangerous situations can be simulated avoiding putting soldiers at risk as well as damaging expensive equipment.
Stress, fear, concentration assessment
Putting a solder in a virtual environment to perform a specific task is not enough. It is crucial to anticipate how his person will behave in a real life. Who will be able to give orders, who will panic or even lose consciousness. Sensors powered by our custom algorithms will track, psycho-emotional and psychophysiological parameters, evaluate them and report analytics to support decisions on stress resistance, emotional control etc.
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