We'll help your business to unlock new opportunities with Virtual Reality
What do we do?

Startup VR.consulting provides:

  • Immersive trainings
  • Realistic simulations
  • Built-in professional aptitude tests in VR, leveraging latest gaming, cinema, machine learning and medical technologies.
Who we are?

Unique expert team of:

  • Management consultants
  • Hardware and software experts
  • Graphic and sound designers
  • Retired military officers
  • Psychologists and doctors.
Our approach?

Phases and output:

  1. Understanding of your needs → Defined challenge
  2. Solution options proposal → Requirements specification
  3. Cost & time estimation planning → Delivery planning
  4. Development with regular reviews → Product versions
  5. Final review & evaluation → Final product & support.
Why to work with us?

We offer you more than an IT firm does:

  • Business, IT, science, art and medicine
  • Front-to-back solutions
  • Subject matter experts
  • Own R&D and In-house development
  • We focus on solving your business needs.
Our Projects
We bring the best talents together to make virtual – real
Why VR?
Classical training

  • Expensive
  • Time consuming
  • Risky or even impossible to simulate high-risk / hazards
  • Boring and not motivating
  • Poor knowledge retention
  • Limited skills development in extreme situations.
VR-enabled training

  • Cost effective and highly scalable
  • Realistic and immersive
  • Any environment, hazard, risk can be simulated with no risk
  • High concentration (no way to cheat) and engagement (gaming experience)
  • Up to 90% knowledge retention (muscle memory)
  • Suited for new generation who is used to new technologies
  • Sensor-powered emotional and psycho-physiological assessment.
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